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What is
Gum arabic?

80% of the world’s gum arabic is sourced from Sudan

Also known as acacia gum, Kordofan, meska, char good is a natural gum made of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. Gum arabic is harvested from two types of wild Acacia trees, one is the Acacia Senegal tree and the other is Acacia Seyal.

This resin is obtained through special tappings made on the trunk of the tree. The resinous liquid which comes out of the tappings to heal the cuts on the bark, thickens on contact with the air, forming a hard and glassy gum. Gum arabic is edible and has E number E414 .

Gum arabic TYPES

Types we offer?

Best Gum arabic supplier in SUDAN

1. Hashab Gum (Acacia Senegal): We offer this type in one grade called the cleaned grade which is the standard grade varying from light to dark amber, comprises whole or broken lumps and it contains a minimal amount of siftings (fine particles) but dust, bark, and dirt are removed.

2. Talha Gum (Acacia Seyal): also known as Talha and its considers commercially as second-grade gum.
We sort this type into four grades:

1.Talha sifting grade:
particle size (0.5mm ~ 4mm).
2.Talha grade 3 (G3):
particle size (4mm and above).
3.Talha dust grade:
particle size (under 0.5mm).
4.Talha cleaned:
consist of a minimum of 35% sifting and 65 % G3.

Gum Arabic SOURCE

Source of
Gum arabic

The World’s supply of gum arabic

comes from Sudan

Gum Arabic is harvested in the gum belt of Africa, this belt starts from Senegal at the west of Africa and ends at Sudan in the east, also known as African Sahel. From the 1950s to the early 1990s, Sudan accounted for roughly 80% of gum Arabic production, today, that figure is probably under 50%.

Sudan is still the world’s largest single producer of Arabic Gum.

Gum arabic Uses

Utilized in common everyday food and beverages

Utilized worldwide in a multitude of ways and used in everything from beverage emulsions and confections to functional dietary fiber and utilized in granola bars and soft drinks.

Cosmetics and various industrial applications

Gum arabic used in Cosmetics and various industrial applications, such as viscosity control in inks and textile industries, and more a lot where this is not the place to give the details of uses.

used as a water-soluble binder

Gum Arabic is also used as a water-soluble binder in fireworks composition.

Additives to ceramic glazes

Gum Arabic has a long history as additives to ceramic glazes.


Our Packing

We pack the Gum arabic in 25/50 kg PP bags and stuff in 20 feet containers. Need more information? Prices? please use the contact/request quote forms, we will be happy to receive your inquiry.


Gum arabic
Exporting process

1. We pack our Gum Arabic in 50kg polypropylene (PP) bags.
2. We load the 20 feet containers with up to 22 metric tons of the Pigeon pea.
3. The minimum order quantity (20ft FCL) takes a period of 10 to 15 days to be on board of the vessel, this period varies depending on the quantity ordered.
4. The port of loading is PORT SUDAN (SDPZU), with a possibility to re-export from other nearby ports in the middle east.
5. Lead time to reach the client's desired port depends on the shipping lines used and the destination to that port, usually varies between 2 to 8 weeks for the farthest destination.
6. The H.S code for the Peanuts is 13012000 (*).
7. Payment terms and documents provided along with the shipment are mentioned at the products main page **(please check)
8. Sudanese Gum arabic is falling among the products which the US sanctions against Sudan have not exempted, therefore cannot be exported directly from PORT SUDAN to the US market unless obtaining a special OFAC license.
(*) Need to be confirmed form each country customs authorities.

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